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Escape the stresses of modern life and be captured in the magical sound of Giles Lamb… ‘Words Can’t describe’,  ‘Melting Beautiful’ …


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Beautiful, engrossing, and suitably aspirational that captures us in the composers magical sound that hovers around the intersection of modern classical and ambient music’ (Jordan, Fragile Or Possibly Extinct)

Composer Giles Lamb creates an epic, evocative set on Glossolalia , a modern classical / ambient collection that outdoes early Sigur Ros in its powerful, cinematic scope’  (Deadly Music)

His  beautiful, soothing, sophisticated minimal classical style has been widely acclaimed.  Giles Lamb has produced 4 studio albums including Transform, Before the Birds, Glossolalia, and Acoustoma and has a number of other project he is working on now! His music will completely absorb you with the simple yet powerful melodies conjuring intricate and hypnotic sound worlds.

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