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1. Ever (sample)
2. Epoch (Sample)
3. Ocean Drift (sample)
4. Cycle of Revernation (Sample)
5. Bitter Suite (Sample)
6. Hope Field (Sample)
7. Edge of Known (Sample)
8. Spore (Sample)
9. Takeme (Sample)
10. Nanoloom (Sample)
11. Mamtoes (Sample)
11.Chance (Sample)

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‘Beautiful, engrossing, and suitably aspirational that captures us in the composers magical sound.. (like Arnalds, Frahm, Wenngren, Kenniff, et al), Lamb sticks to a simple style that hovers around the intersection of modern classical and ambient music’ (Jordan, Fragile Or Possibly Extinct)

You have probably heard Giles Lamb’s music in film and television. His theme to the ‘Dead Island’ game trailer is loved by millions around the world and his music features on many playlists including Spotify’s official ‘Decompression’ playlist alongside artists such as Alexandre Desplat, Daft Punk, Royksopp and Apex twin amongst others.

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